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Have Your Home Tested

Have Your Home Tested

How does the Radalinkā„¢ system work?

From start to finish, here’s how it is done.

Begin the Test

We will place one or more Radalink radon monitors in the lowest livable area at your property, and initiate the testing process.
Let it Run
After 48 hours or more, we re-enter the property to retrieve the radon monitor(s).


We will upload the test data to the Radalink lab via our Bluetooth enabled device.

We Put Your Report Together

When your test information is complete, and data is received at our lab, our technicians will compile a customized comprehensive report and screen the results for any possible problems.

Get Your Report

You will receive an email or text message alert when your report is ready. The report can also be faxed to you.

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Radon Causes Lung Cancer

Radon-induced lung cancer is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The only way to know if your home has radon is to have a Radon Test performed in your home.

Radon Measurement / Mitigation Proficiency